Friday, November 26, 2010

Jubal's First Thanksgiving~11/25/10

We celebrated Thanksgiving by going to Larson's mom's (Jubal's Granny) house first.  Jubal's Aunt Felicia and Aunt Heather were there, too.  After a wonderful meal, we went to Larson's dad's (Jubal's Papa) house.  We enjoyed spending time with Mr. Larry Dean and Maxine (Jubal's Mema).  We ended up only fixing a plate to take with us from there, though.  We then went to my mama's (Jubal's Mammaw) house.  The turkey was already cooked and Aunt Gena had the dressing mixed except for the eggs, so I cut them up & cooked the dressing.  I had already made my first sweet potato souffle the night before & it turned out well.  While I finished cooking the rest of the trimmings, Larson & Alannah (Jubal's cousin) pulled boxes from the storage shed & put up Mammaw's Christmas tree.  Jubal's cousin, Lyndsay came by to see us, too.  After Aunt Gena got off of work, we set the table and sat down to eat.  Jubal enjoyed gnawing on a piece of turkey & eating some sweet potatoes.  It was nice to be with family.  We were missing quite a few loved ones this year, so it was kinda quiet.  We knew Pappaw (my daddy)& Uncle Bobby (my brother) were looking down on us from Heaven, though.  We also missed having Aunt Marianne there. She makes the best twice-baked potatoes!!!  All-in-all, it was a pretty good Thanksgiving because we all have so much to be thankful for.  I am so thankful for my family, especially Jubal.  He is the most precious blessing the Lord has given to me.  
Here are a couple of pics of him having his dinner & a one of him and Alannah in front of the Christmas tree after they got it put up.  He loved all of the lights! I can't wait to put our tree up at home.   

He loved the turkey!

Mr. Sweet Potato Face

Jubal & Alannah checking the tree out


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