Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jubal's eating baby food!

At our last checkup/shots appointment, Jubal's pediatrician told us that Jubal is ready for baby food now.  So, over the weekend, we began him on rice cereal & sweet peas.  He gets to have his rice for lunch and his peas for dinner.  We are actually going to give him some squash tonight since he has had peas the past three nights & we know he has no allergies to them.  I was afraid he would have tummy troubles, but his tummy hasn't given him any problem. 
His daddy doesn't think he'll like the squash, but I think that's because his daddy picked the peas & I picked the squash.  I'm excited about being able to incorporate the fruits soon.  I know he's going to love fruit. 
I took a few pictures of his first time eating his rice & his first time in his highchair. 

This is so bittersweet! My newborn baby boy is now an infant and will soon be a toddler.  My goodness, how time really does fly when you're having a ball!!!

Getting ready for his first bite.

He doesn't look real sure about it.

I know, I know!  I could've given him a BLUE bowl!

Smiling at Daddy



  1. Looks like he really enjoyed it! I game Madison baby cereal and baby food really early on, but with the other two I waiting until they were 6 months old. I think it is better to wait! I am glad you didn't feel pressured to do it sooner!

  2. He did like it. We started him on some squash and even though no one thought he would like it...he's like his mama & loves it! Even more than the peas.


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