Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Jubal has been rolling over for about two weeks now, but he couldn't figure out what to do with the arm under him.  Well, he has finally figured it out! We laid him on his blanket in the floor over the weekend for "practice".  It took him a few tries, but he got it!  I'm so proud of my big boy.  I'm so proud of each accomplishment, but I know that I'm going to miss him being a little baby so much.  It brings tears to my eyes as I sit here & write this simply because I know time is not going to slow down for any of us.  I just want to remember & cherish ALL of his learning experiences along his journey of life.

This is just a pic I got of him lying in the floor.

One for the money...

Two for the show...

Three to roll over...

Now go, Jubal, go!!!

My handsome lil boy

I'm going to miss him being small like this, I know.


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