Tuesday, July 19, 2011

12 Month Checkup

Well, my little one year old toddler...

You now weigh 20 lbs. 15 ozs. and you are 29 1/4 inches tall. You're in the 25th percentile in weight and the 27th percentile in height. Your head is 17 7/8, also in the 25th percentile.

Yes, you are on the small side. It's fine, though. Your pediatrician tells me you are perfect, just built like your daddy is all. :)

You hated taking your shots yesterday! You had a finger prick to check your glucose, three shots, and then we had to go to the lab for some blood work. Evidently, they run tests for lead poisoning on you when you turn one & two.

You refused to let them draw blood from your arm, so they had to prick your finger again. By the time it was over, you, me, and Daddy were covered in specks of blood. You pitched a fit and slung your arms all around slinging blood everywhere. Literally! Poor nurse.

You are still not walking independently. However, you do walk where ever you want to go with the assistance of your little "stroller". That's what I call it anyway. As long as you have it or Mammaw's walker, you go anywhere.

You stand on your own only when you don't realize you're doing so. Once you realize it, you sit down.

You eat mostly table food now. You still love green beans. You eat anything, though. It's fun to watch you try new things. You do still love your Stage 3 Gerber foods. We keep you stocked up on those because it's easier to send something like that to daycare with you on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

You are on whole milk. We had a couple of cans of formula left, so we're still giving you formula at bedtime. You stayed on Similac Sensitive the entire time you were on formula and never had tummy troubles and never had to be switched from this formula to that formula, etc.

You drink your juice from a sippy cup like a big boy. It won't be long and we're doing away with your bottles all together.

I'm so proud that you haven't taken a paci since you were nine months old. You just put it down and never acted like you wanted it again. You were never that interested in it anyway. Usually, you would take it throughout the night when you didn't have a bottle.

You prefer daycare over going to Mammaw's now because there's so much more activity for you there. Maybe at re-registration, we will sign you up for full-time. I'm not sure about that yet.
You do love it there, though.

You're still in size 3 diapers. You wear a size 3W in shoes. You wear some 12 month clothes, but still fit pretty good into most your 6-9 month clothes. You definitely have to wear 6-9 months in shorts & pants. Bless your little short-legged self. :)

You can drink through a straw and love to share your daddy's vanilla coke. You like sweet tea, too, but we don't give you much of these drinks. I want you to have beautiful, healthy teeth and I'm afraid those sugary drinks aren't good for your teeth, or your body for that matter.

You received so many new, interesting toys for your birthday. You especially love the walking "popper" toy that Aunt Gena got you. I have no idea what the name of it is. It pops little balls up when you walk with it & you want to do it so bad, but just can't take that first step without falling. It really frustrates you, but I know you'll get it soon.

Your vocabulary is increasing daily. You are a very vocal fellow. I can't wait to hear you say "I love you, Mommy." Mostly, your words right now are Da da, Ma ma, Ba ba, Lan na, Bye Bye, and Hey. You throw that hand up when you say hey, too. It's so cute!

There are so many things that I'm sure I'm leaving out. I want to keep up with things the best I can here, in your journal. I do know that you are one loved little boy. You are the little boy that my heart has been set on since I was a little girl myself.

Your daddy & I love you so very much, Jubal. I hope that I raise you the way God wants me to & you grow into a fine, independent, respectful young man.

We love you,
Mommy & Daddy

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