Thursday, July 28, 2011


At Jubal's 12 month checkup visit, his pediatician sent us to the lab for a lead test. He told us that they do this test when the child turns one & then again at age two.

Ok. No big deal.

We went for the test & I never really even thought any more about it.

On Thursday, July 21, the nurse practitioner called me and said Jubal's levels were slightly elevated. I was standing there on the other end with my jaw on the floor. I couldn't even speak up & ask questions. I just listened while she spoke and answered her questions. All kinds of things were going through my mind. As soon as we hung up the phone, I sent a text to Larson letting him know. When he was able to call me during his lunch hour, he had all kinds of questions.

Fortunately, since I didn't ask questions while on the phone with the nurse, I had researched it online so I was able to answer some of his questions (and mine). Other than that, though, we would have to have more blood work done & wait.

We went back for the blood work this past Monday, July 25. Jubal actually done very well. There was no blood slinging this time, thankfully.

And then we waited.

I just received a call from the nurse & she said she was just calling to let me know that all of his blood tests came back NORMAL! Yay!!! 

I am a happy mama! I just thank God that my boy has been given a clean bill of health.

It may not seem like anything that most moms would have been worried about, and maybe I shouldn't have worried so much, but that's my baby & I want to make sure I protect him with everything in me.

I'm sure every mommy out there feels the same. :)

Thank you, God.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel, we've had a few little scares like that ourselves! It is always scary but thankfully we have a God who has everything in control! If not for my faith in God I would be CRAZY right now!


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