Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Bully

I know that Jubal is still very young and has a lot to learn, but right now my biggest concern with him is that he's a "meanie". :(

He really is a sweet, sweet child, but when he gets around other children, he acts like a rotten little boy and I don't understand why. He doesn't learn "ugly" from us at home. That is one thing we concentrate on in our home is that Jubal has good role models because I definitely believe with my whole heart that children learn what they live.

We have problems with him when he is playing with his eight year old cousin, Alannah. She is a lot older than him and he is around her more than any other kid. Jubal's tough and I think it comes from playing with a child bigger than him, who's a little rougher than his playmates and fellow classmates at school.

He will get aggravated with Alannah if she's not paying him enough attention and will walk right up to her and pinch her or slap her or even try to bite her. We have to constantly get on to him and it gets very frustrating. Now, he's doing the same thing at school and I seriously don't want him to be "The Bully". :(

He doesn't like to share and when someone else is playing with a different toy, he tries to take their toy from them as well. We work with him at home all the time trying to teach him about sharing. When our friends bring their little ones over, it takes Jubal awhile to warm up, but eventually he will let them play with some of his toys. He can be very selfish, though, and I think he gets his "brat syndrome" from me because, well...I was and can still be somewhat of a brat.

Don't get me wrong, I would give you the shirt off my back and go out of my way to help you, but when it comes to my things, I like them a certain way and get very weary when someone else has/uses them because I'm "so sure" that no one will take care of them like I do.

Ugh! I just want my boy to be kind. I want him to be compassionate. I want him to have empathy for others. I pray daily, constantly that God shows me the best way to parent Jubal in this situation. I pray that God will hold Jubal in His arms and guide him when I can't be there. Even when I am there. I just pray that I have a sweet, humble boy. That's not too much to ask, right?


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  1. This too shall pass! Words that I am living by right now. Raising children has got to be the hardest and most rewarding job ever.


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