Wednesday, March 21, 2012



Jubal has now started going to "school" (daycare) full-time. Our sweet Granny Pauline is not able to care for him anymore. She found out last week that the brain aneurysm she's been living with has progressed and her doctor recommended she take it easy. Believe me, running behind a toddler, especially our toddler (ha!), is not considered taking it easy.

I have to include these pics because as I was looking through the photos on my phone, I found that Larson & Jubal had been playing around & took some cute (although very blurry) pics that I love. :)

She has been a God-send to my entire family. We love her so very much & just want her to be well. Jubal can still visit with her. My sweet mama, though...bless her heart! She misses Granny Pauline so much. Before my daddy even passed away, Granny Pauline would come visit almost every day. Then, when Daddy passed away, Granny Pauline has been there every day since. She has been my mama's friend & confidant. Mama can't get out & about without assistance, so she can't even go see Granny Pauline when she wants to. She's so lonesome. :(

My babies. :)

My mama isn't able to tend to Jubal alone because of her inability to get up or walk quickly, which is the reason he has had to start school full-time. Believe me, if my mama could, she would keep Jubal & Gentry (when he arrives) all the time and they wouldn't have to go to daycare.

I do feel a lot of guilt that Jubal has to go full-time right now. I liked it that Jubal got to spend the first almost 9 months of his life at my mama's house with her & Granny Pauline. I feel like his little immune system got to have a head start since he didn't have to be in daycare right from the beginning. He was able to be in a peaceful environment without other crying babies, so he was able to just "be", and I feel that may have helped him be the wonderful baby that he is.

Just look at that beautiful, sweet smile!!!

I was happy knowing that he only had to attend daycare twice a week for now, until Gentry got here, because he still had a little time with Mammaw & Granny Pauline before starting full-time in the summer. I just feel guilty that he had to go ahead and start full-time now. I hope he adjusts well. Maybe he's still young enough that he won't even realize or care. I hope so. I don't want him to be sad.


Sometimes, I wish we were wealthy enough for me or Larson either one to be able to stay home with our babies. However, we have to work for a living and I'll continue to work to provide a good, stable life for my sweet boys.

This is only day 3 of full-time so we'll have to wait a little longer to see how he adapts. Maybe the routine will be good for him. I do know that he'll get plenty of physical activity every day, which I'm very excited about. He loves to be outside and the weather has been so beautiful lately. He gets to go outside and play twice a day at school, which is something he didn't get to do at Mammaw's. Granny Pauline just couldn't run behind him fast enough to let him go outside, so he stayed pretty couped up. I'm glad he'll get plenty of outside activity and sunshine now. That makes me feel a little less guilty. :)

This is a pic Larson sent me while I was at work Saturday morning. Jubal loves the lawn mower. :)

After a few weeks , I'll post an update on how he's doing. Until then, we'll just have to pray and wait & see.

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  1. Something that I am praying about is keeping kids in my home. I will know for sure if this is what I'm going to do probably next week. I am definitely going to have to do something because Matthew needs me at home with him to help him with his homeschooling.


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