Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New 4-Wheeler

We had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend. The Rattlesnake & Wildlife Festival was this weekend and we got to ride in the parade. Jubal fell asleep halfway through it, bless his heart. It was a fun day, though.

Waiting in the parade line-up. Jubal wanted to meet the Chick-fil-a cow.

Jubal got to ride a pony at the festival. We actually thought he'd like the pony better, but he didn't really want to touch it, although he did like riding it.

After the festival, we went home and rested for awhile, then we went to Benton Lee's for a good ol' steak. That's probably our favorite place to go for steak. It's so good.

We left there and went on a mission to get Jubal a 4-wheeler. We wanted to get him a Kawasaki battery-powered unit since I work at a Kawasaki dealership, however all we were able to find was a Yamaha Raptor. Jubal doesn't care about what brand he has right now, so we got it. Can you say "LOVE"???

These were taken right when he woke up and realized he had a new 4-wheeler. This look is priceless!

I kept asking him if he liked it and all I could get was his "surprised look". I love that little face and I'll never forget how excited he was when he saw his new 4-wheeler. :)

Jubal & his cousin, Alannah, riding his 4-wheeler.

And just for good measure, here's a couple of other pictures of my sweet boy from over the weekend. :)

I love spending time with my family and this weekend was so much fun. The Lord only knows what we're going to do with two little rowdy boys!?! I can't wait to begin the journey, though. ;)


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  1. His face is precious in those pictures! THAT is excitement for sure!


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