Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jubal Turns SIX

Jubal turned six last Tuesday, July 12, and we had his party on Sunday, July 10. It was a fun day with lots of kids and lots of water because it's the middle of July and it's HOT!

Jubal was upset with the little girl he's standing beside, Gwen, is why he's not smiling.
She told him she was going to marry Ian, not him. ;)
We're missing Olivia & Walker in this picture, but they were there.

He requested a Freddy Krueger cake, so that's what he got.  He's my scary movie watching buddy.  We love Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Michael, and Leatherface the most.

The party started at two and was only supposed to last until four, but the kids were having so much fun, and the parents were chatting away so it was after six before the last guest left.  It was a lot of fun, and Jubal was happy with his party, so that's what matters.

I do not designate a certain time for presents, eating, etc.  I like for Jubal to be able to thank each child/parent individually at the time he receives his gift.  So, if they walk up with a gift I allow him to go ahead and accept it so they can get back to getting their play on. ;)

The food is always prepared so you just have to help yourself at our parties.  Eat when you want to eat.  If you're busy playing, you'll stop to eat when you're hungry.  We had hot dogs & chips for refreshments.  The drinks were in the cooler, and there were bags of assorted candy for you to choose from.

To put it simply, we just have a good time without stipulations I guess you could say.  The only rule:  HAVE FUN!!!

Not only did we have the waters slide up, we had water guns and water sprinklers going.  I think Ian had the most fun with the water guns.  He really enjoyed squirting his mom, and since his mom is 7 months pregnant, it was refreshing for her.

Ian coming in for the shot...

Nicole took it like a champ!

Playing with the gun Colby gifted him.

The only thing I do stop everything for is the cake.  Everybody loves cake, right?  Jubal was so excited when we brought it out. It was hot so we had to hurry before the icing melted too much.

Everyone gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday".

Blowing out the candles.
Notice his Freddy hat.

It took several blows to finally get all the candles out but he got'em.

I let him cut himself the first piece with his "knives" on his glove.

Licking the icing off.

Walker enjoying some cake.

I am so proud of Jubal!  He is growing up entirely too fast, but I'm loving who he is becoming.  Even on his bad days, he's still my sweet angel baby.  I love this boy, and I'm so happy he made me a mama.

We love you!!!

Love, Mama

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