Saturday, July 16, 2016

Vacation 2016~Saturday

I forgot to mention in my last post that after a long day for the boys at GCA, and Larson at work, we all took a trip back down to the river for an evening swim.  It was another hot day and we just wanted to be in the water.

Laney was going to swing from the tree rope, but when she dropped her glasses down to Larson, he didn't catch them and they fell into the water.  Thank goodness that some other folks that was out there swimming found them because we sure couldn't. Her mama (my sister) would have killed us. Ha!


Anyway, back to Saturday.  While Larson & the boys took it easy soaking up the AC at home, Heather, Gabriel, Laney, and I struck out to take more pictures.  Heather has been needing some pictures of her & Gabriel together for a long time now, so I felt privileged to get to take some for her.

I am excited to share a few.  They turned out great.  Even though Gabriel doesn't like to smile for pictures, we got a few good ones. ;)

Saturday ended up being a pretty laid back kinda day.  After pics, we watched some scary movies, and hung around the house mostly.  Anything to stay cool.

Jubal was actually looking forward to Sunday because it was the day of his birthday party.  Since we knew we had a fun-filled day coming the next day, we kept Saturday pretty low-key, thankfully.  


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