Thursday, July 14, 2016

Vacation 2016~Splash Day

As I've made known in my other posts, it is HOT here in the southeast.  We made it a point to stay near water almost every day of our vacation.

On Wednesday, we took all of the kiddos to Splash in the Boro.  It's a fun place to go, with plenty to do, and plenty of water to cool off in.  We even took Gabriel with us this time.  He loved it as much as we do, and it was an awesome day for everyone.

I'll let the pics speak for themselves,

My sweet little family.

The boys.

I love that silly face of Jubal's.

Gabriel was showing me his "guns".

Thumbs up!

Laney, Jubal, and (sometimes) Larson walked around the park most of the day while I stayed around the kiddie section with Gentry & Gabriel.  I made it a point to stay in the shade since I had gotten a sunburn in the previous days, so hanging with the littles was okay with me.

I did get in the water to play with the boys and cool off during the day.  It was awesome!

He loved splashing the water.

Getting ready to dive under.

Going down.

My little fishy.

Just keep swimming. ;)

Finally, coming up for air.

He's so fair-skinned.
I had to keep sunscreen on him for sure.

I did manage to get some pictures with Jubal & Laney in them when they would come check in with us.  Jubal even played awhile with Gentry.

They are running to wait for the bucket to dump.

This bucket.

Get ready!

Here it comes!
Notice Gabriel coming back towards me.
He was getting away. 

There it is.


Laney almost lost her bottoms!

Such a funny picture!!

This was such a fun day!  You would think they would have been tired after an all day adventure like this, but nope.  When we got home, the water slide went up.  They played the rest of the afternoon & evening on it while we did some more grilling for supper.

You can bet by bedtime, this mama was ready.  It felt so good getting some good, quality time with my family, though.  I would have kept going just as long as they wanted me to.


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