Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jubal~Nine Months

My sweet baby boy,

You are growing up so fast. Time is passing far too quickly for me. I want to keep you a baby forever, but we all know that is not going to happen.

You are a fast little crawler. Our home is very baby-friendly so you go anywhere you want to and fast! No one or nothing can slow you down, and when we come toward you when you're on your way somewhere, you move even faster. Ha!

I love to watch you sit & play. You don't mind playing alone at all. You have your favorite toys, though. You love your little red ball we got you, your cell phone, and your turtle.

You have started trying to pull up, but never quite make it all the way up without falling back down, but you're getting the hang of it. You can crawl up & over anything in your way, though.

You love all food. You've even tried crab and liked it. If you see me with your  mesh feeder, it is on!!! You want your food & you want it NOW! You're getting very good at feeding yourself, too.

You still wear size 3 diapers and you wear 6-9 month clothes. Some of your jeans and pants are still 0-3 & 3-6 month because you have short legs like your daddy.

You love it outside, except now that it's getting warmer, we have to go out in the mornings or late evenings because you hate getting hot. We will definetly have to keep you in your little pool or by some kind of body of water this Summer, which is fine because that's usually where we are.

I have finally bathed you. Daddy has always given you every bath, until recently. I put you in the bath with me once & you took your first shower with me just this past Sunday. You liked it, too. You didn't even mind the water running down over your head and into your eyes.

You love going to daycare. I like it, too, because you get to be around other baby boys & girls. All of the "teachers" at your daycare love you to pieces. They said if all the babies were like you, their job would be so much easier.

You made your first trip to the beach this month. We can't wait to take you back when we can spend more time there.

You ran your first fever & had to be taken to the ER. It ended up being an upper respiratory infection. You also broke out in a rash called Roseola. Thank goodness you are well now.

You babble and make all kinds of new noises. As long as you know what you're saying, we'll go right along with you. Ha!

You still only have your two bottom teeth.

You usually go to bed around 9:30-10p and sleep until 6:30-7a on weekdays & 8:30-9a on weekends.

You are such a joy to have in our lives, Jubal. You already have so much personality & everyone loves you and enjoys being around you. Your smile brightens my world. I can't express in words how much I love you. God truly blessed us with you. You are my angel baby. Your daddy thinks there is nothing else in this world like you, and I have to agree.
I love you, little man. You have completed my world. You were/are my heart's desire and I am so proud to be your mommy. May God bless your little life with joy, love, peace, & happiness.

With love always,

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