Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pool Time!

We bought Jubal a little pool for him to have fun in at the house. Sunday morning, we put some water in it so the sun could warm it. By mid-afternoon, the water was perfect, so I stripped my little guy down and let him play just as hard as he wanted to.

Thankfully, Jubal loves water. He doesn't mind it getting in his eyes or on his face. He splashed & splashed. Larson & I really enjoyed seeing him have such a good time. Looks like we have a new weekend activity. At least until the end of summer. :)

**Beware: Lots of pictures!!!**

Getting ready to go in (can you tell he was trying to dive in?!)

You can let go now, Daddy

My little tadpole

Happy Boy

Playing with Daddy

He loves his red ball

I spy...

Cool Kid

Monster Man

Love to see him happy

Yes, I blurred his lil peepee out

Wondering what Daddy is doing

Enough with the shades

Ok...maybe one more

Splish Splash

Ha! Love that lil hiney!

Look at that face

Havin' a ball

What's with the umbrella, Dad?

Trying to get him some shade

Thanks, Dad!

What you talkin' bout, LeRoy???

Hey, Ma!

He's just about "pooled out"

One more beautiful smile for Mommy

He had such a good time. I can't wait to get him in the water at the river or beach. Summertime is going to be fabulous!

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