Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Cutest Smile

I finally caught Gentry smiling! We've been trying to get a good picture of his beautiful smile for a few days now and I got it! :)

He has the cutest dimples in his fat little cheeks!  I'm so in love with my littlest boy.  His looks are changing quickly now.  I want to make sure I take lots of pictures.

His face has cleared up so well.  He had a bad case of those little milk bumps but his pediatrician told us to put a little Vaseline on his face and it cleared right up.  The heat still tends to make one or two come up, though, so we just try to keep him cool.  That means keeping him inside since the temps have been so high lately.

And just for my heart's sake, both of my boys' first smiles...

I took a couple of pics of both of my little guys Sunday morning when they first woke up.  I have wonderful babies that love to sleep as much as their mama does.  They didn't wake up until 9:15 that morning.  We usually have to wake them up at 7:00 A.M. during the week, so they appreciate getting to sleep late. :)

Jubal got just as close to Gentry as he could.  He's so sweet to his little brother.  I'm amazed daily at the love he has for him.  The only thing we have to remind him of is to be gentle.  Other than that, you couldn't ask for a better big brother.

These next pictures are from a few weeks ago.  I just wanted to include them so I would have them on the blog, too.

I tell Larson all the time that we sure did make some pretty babies.  I just don't think my babies could be any cuter!  Maybe I'm a little biased.  Ha! ;)



  1. I miss my LiL Buddy and my Sweet Thing! Give them lots of hugs and kisses from Aunt GiGi please :)

  2. These pictures are all fantastic. Love them.
    Newest follower, lady! Can't wait to see more :)

    Lady Million

    1. Thank you so much! Thanks for following my little blog! :)


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