Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweet Pics

We didn't do much this weekend, but I did manage to get some cute pics. I love my boys so much!  I can't say it enough about what a wonderful big brother Jubal is or what an awesome baby Gentry is.  Jubal always wants to spend time with Gentry.  Yesterday he even asked to feed him and did a great job doing it, too. :)

Gentry is just a very laid-back kinda baby.  He just goes with the flow and rarely cries unless he's hungry or needs a diaper change.  He loves when Jubal talks to him and plays with him.

The sweetest thing I love the most is when Jubal is holding Gentry and he'll start rocking him, saying "I got you.  Shhh, baby.  It's okay."  He'll pat his little back and just rock & rock. Melts my heart! :)

I hope he learned to be sweet & kind like that from the way he sees us treat him, as well as others.  We strive very hard to be the best parents we can possibly be and to treat people with kindness & love.


See what I mean? Sweetness overload. Love!

We had to go to a friend's home to pay our condolences Monday evening.  A good friend of ours passed away after battling cancer for some time now.  This was the first time that Ma Dale got to see our boys.  I just hate the circumstances under which she met them.  Here's a few pics before we left.

Is he not the cutest?!? ;)

These boys make me so proud.

Jubal was adamant about fitting in the chair with Gentry.

He managed it, too. :)

I love when Larson talks to Gentry how he'll just coo & smile.

Look at those dimples!!

I just love the smiles in all these pictures.  I want to scoop my boys up and keep them little like this forever.  Can you say "LOVE"?  :))


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