Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jubal Gotta Boo Boo

Jubal has had several bumps & bruises along his little journey, but he got his worst boo boo a couple of nights ago. He was doing the "crazy shake" with Team Umizoomi, one of his favorite shows on TV, when he lost his balance and stumbled a couple of steps. He almost caught himself, but one of his toy dump trucks was in front of him and it caused him to lose his balance again. Then he fell into our entertainment center...face first. :(

At first I was certain he had hit his mouth on the corner and surely lost some teeth.  I was so scared to even look.  As I was inspecting his mouth, I spotted the cut on his nose.  Bless his heart!  He had hit his nose hard.  My next thought was wondering if his nose may be broken.  Thankfully, it wasn't, but I sure did feel awful sorry for him.  I know it hurt my baby.  He's a trooper, though.  He cried for a few minutes, then went back to dancing. :)

Jubal & Jaden a.k.a. Pnut.  Jubal says he's his best friend. ;)

Just waking up from his nap at daycare.  Got a bad case of bed head & still sporting the scrape on his nose.  I love it when his teachers send me pics & let me know he's ok. :)

I'm sure there will be more boo boos.  I sure do wish I could protect him from every one. I know that's not possible, though.  He's a tough little boy anyway.  I sure do love him!!! :)



  1. I sure hope it wasn't the dump truck Aunt GiGi got him that caused that boo boo. :(

    1. It's ok. He had been playing with it is why it was out in front. :)


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