Saturday, August 25, 2012

Phone Dump

I have a few random pics and quite a few videos on my iPhone that I want to add to my blog. It's been a long week at work and it's rained nearly everyday, so we haven't had too much going on, thus this random post. ;)

I installed the InstaCollage on my iPhone.  Love it!

Top: Jubal's birth day; Bottom: 4 days after Gentry's birth day
My C-Section with Jubal went off without a hitch since it was planned, so I was able to come to my room straight from Recovery and be with him & my family.
My C-Section with Gentry was an emergency one due to Preeclampsia and it didn't go so well.  I didn't recover as quickly so we didn't get pictures with him until a few days after his birth. :(

I love this picture of Gentry. 
He looks like he's saying "Get that camera out of my face!"
Could he be flipping me off as well?! ;)

Jubal's teachers send me pics sometimes throughout the day & I love that.  It lets me know my big baby is doing well and all is okay.  This is Jubal & his buddy Bentley.  Bentley is about 6 months younger than Jubal, but look how much bigger.  Gosh, my boy is small like his daddy.

It was raining when we picked Jubal up from school Thursday.  I let him play in the rain & puddles in the school parking lot when we first came out.  He screamed & cried when we made him get in the car to go home and pretty much the whole way home.  What can I say?  My baby takes after his mama & likes playing in the rain. :)
So, when we got home, his daddy let him go play in the MUD puddles out on our dirt road in front of our house.  Such a mess! ;)

This is a video of him playing in the school parking lot.  He was having so much fun. :)

We ordered a pizza the other night and while we waited to go pick it up, we took Jubal to a little park nearby.  This is his first time on the SeeSaw.  He didn't want Daddy to stop.

Jubal loves his puzzles.  I love watching him put them together. :)

This is just a short little video his teacher sent me a while back.  Actually it was on his birthday.  She said he was having a good day.  I love his silliness & laughter so much.

Jubal & Alannah dancing.  This is an everyday occurrence for Jubal.  He loves to dance & sing.

And last, but not least...Jubal had a great time at Olivia's birthday party sliding into the pool.  You just gotta love my BFF, Darla. :)

Such a random post, but such fun memories! :))


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