Thursday, May 29, 2014

It Won't Be Long Now

It won't be long now and I won't be able to post pictures from Jubal's school days anymore. He will soon start K-4 and I won't get pictures throughout the day like I do on occasion now.  I possibly won't be able to get many more pictures of Gentry, either.  I was informed that use of cell phones were being buckled down on now.  This makes me sad because I love seeing how my babies are doing during their day when I can't be with them. :(

Anyway, I have a few pictures of them to post.  I love having these pictures.  It's a way for me to look back and remember.


Best Friends.
Ian & Jubal.

Jubal's best {girl} friend, Gwen.
We're hoping that these two end up in the same class for K-4.

Inside play time.

The kids fold up their own nappers & pads.
I bought Jubal his own so it is thicker than the others.
He's able to carry it by himself finally. :)

Gentry's class.

I love these cute little pictures of him in this car.
He's getting to be such a big boy. :)


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