Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Beautiful Flower

This morning as we were leaving for school/work, Jubal brought me a beautiful little flower. He is so sweet, doing this all the time. He even has Gentry bringing me flowers now, too. I sure do love my boys.

When Jubal brings me flowers, he always has them behind his back and will walk slowly up to me saying, "Guess what I got?" I'll ask, "What?", and he'll tell me to close my eyes. When he tells me I can open them, he's always standing there with the cutest little flower/flowers in his hands for me.  I always, always let him know how happy I am that he thought of me and that the flowers are so, so pretty.  It means so much to me when my boys show me in their own way that they love me.

I'm so thankful for both of my beautiful little flowers.  My Jubal & Gentry. :)


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