Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Little Loves

We have a busy weekend coming up and I am so excited about it. 

Saturday, I'm singing in one of my BFF's weddings.  I'm looking forward to being part of the beginning of Amanda & Chris's forever.  I know all my boys are going to love dancing and socializing at the reception, too.

Sunday, we are finally going to get to make our trip to Jacksonville Zoo.  We were going to go this past Sunday, but I was having some issues with my car and we didn't want to drive the truck since it's a gas hog.  Thankfully, though, we were blessed to be able to get me a new car.  I love it, too. :)

We could have had my other car repaired, but it had so many miles on it and over the past couple of months, little things continued to occur.  I know I'm silly, but I kind of teared up when I was cleaning my old car out.  There's been so many wonderful memories made in that car.  It brought both my babies home from the hospital after they were born.  That's the sweetest memories.

Anyway, just wanted to share that little bit of exciting news.  Happy, happy, happy!

Moving on...

These boys of mine are growing up too doggone fast!  Gentry is talking up a storm and is saying any & everything, Jubal is going to K-4 in a couple of months, and each will celebrate a birthday soon.  Gentry in June and Jubal in July.  We are in full bloom toddler days with Gentry and little boy days with Jubal.  Where did their "baby" days go?

I can't believe how self-sufficient Gentry has become almost overnight.  He now tells us what he wants to eat, what has hurt him or made him cry and what makes him happy, too.  The older he gets, the blonder his hair gets and the bluer his eyes get.  He is a little heart breaker.

On a cooler Spring day. Daddy makes sure his boys are warm. ;)

Chocolate face.

Jubal is too smart for his own good.  I swear he amazes me every day some way, some how.  He still loves his mama more than anything in this world, thankfully, and says he will always be my baby. :)

Face painting at Mickey D's. My Spider-Man.

I love these little boys more than myself.  Always have and always will.  God truly blessed this old  sinner.  I am so humbled to have these two little loves in my life.  I'm looking forward to watching them grow into kind, compassionate, young men.  Good Lord willing.

There's that "cheese" face again. Ha!

Can you tell Gentry wasn't happy that Jubal got to wear the hat, too?

Forever my babies.


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