Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day~2014

My Mother's Day was actually spent at the Jacksonville Zoo, but we'll save that for another post. Today I just want to share all of my goodies that my boys gave me. They make me feel so special. :)

I will forever cherish this! 
This is my sweet Gentry's little feet.
I know they won't be this little long, so this means so much to me.

This is the outside of another card from Gentry.

I cried a little over this.  I can't thank his teacher, Ms. Jordyn, enough.
These gifts will definitely be saved in my hope chest, but not right now...
I've got them right where I can see them all the time.

This is my sweet present from Jubal.
This makes me proud because he even helped write his name.
I may have to try out a cup of hot tea with the tea I got with it, too.

These babies of mine make me so proud.  I am so blessed by a God that loves me even when I disappoint him.  He never gives up on me and has given me far more than I deserve in this life.  I promise to always strive to be the best mama I possibly can be to the angels He gave me. 

They deserve it.


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