Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Officially Summer

In our neck of the woods we consider Memorial Day weekend the official start of Summer. We celebrated by taking our first dip in the good ol' Ohoopee river.


We found us a nice, quiet little spot down at Old Camp and enjoyed the afternoon playing in the water and making sand castles. Jubal & Gentry even had their own little "island", as Jubal called it. :)

The water was freezing when you first got in, but it felt great after getting used to it.  Especially since it was so hot Sunday.

Both of my boys enjoyed the water so much.  Gabriel, their cousin, not so much.  He wanted to be held in his mama's arms or he would cry.  Larson tried to take him out to the "island", but he still wasn't very happy.

We had a nice afternoon.  I was glad to get home, get a shower, and be in the air conditioning, though.  I'm looking forward to taking the boys again soon.

Larson's people. 
L-R: Shawn (uncle), Sonja, (Granny), Heather (aunt) w/ Gabriel, & Larson.


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