Saturday, July 19, 2014

All About School In Pictures

This may very well be my last post on Jubal's school days at GCA. Hopefully, I will get to continue for awhile with Gentry, but Jubal starts K-4 at GES August 1. I'm beginning to feel a little anxiety, but I know he will love it and do well.

 I just hope both of my boys adjust to not being together at the same school. They love getting to see each other during the day. We have our routine of dropping them off together, too. Gentry will have a hard time understanding why his brother is not getting dropped off at the same time. I just worry about them both.

Here's the pictures I have of some of their days at GCA recently.

These are Jubal's best buds, Ian & Gwen.
We hope they get put together in the same class at GES.

Jumping rope.

I think all kids love playing in boxes.
Of all the toys on the playground, my boy ends up in a box. Ha!

They love getting to see each other at school. :)

Cleaning up after recess.


Gentry wasn't feeling good this day.
His teacher sent me this pic showing me how pale he looked.

She sent me this picture a little later letting me know he was feeling better.
He still looked like he didn't feel too well, but he ended up being fine.

Jubal wearing shades for his picture for his classroom door.

Such a cute door!

This was done for the board outside of Jubal's classroom.
My big boy's feet. :)

Let's do the Hokey Pokey!

Dancing to Father Abraham.
Got them hands & feet moving.

He was a very tired little boy.

Gentry woke up from his nap crying for his daddy.
Jubal stopped by his classroom to console him. :)

Much better for snack time. ;)

Jubal had asked Mrs. Diane for a watermelon to color.
She didn't have one, but while they napped, she drew one and made copies.
He was very happy when he woke up.

His finished coloring of his watermelon.

Hot days on the playground call for popcicles.


Gentry is such a heartbreaker!
Recess with Miss Gemma.

Mrs. Diane even brought watermelon from her own garden for them to eat.

This boy should be a watermelon as much as he's eaten this summer!

Monday morning after turning 4 on Saturday.
He was asking Mrs. Diane if he was bigger. :)

And last, but not least, singing the Gospel Train for the class.
He got a little shy and forgot the words, but we'll practice more at home. ;)

I'm sure I'll have plenty of updates on Jubal once he starts K-4, but I'm not sure I'll have pictures from his teacher to go with it.  Maybe Gentry's teachers will start sending me more pictures of him so I can keep up with his updates. 

I like watching my boys grow, and these days are great memories for me.  I hope one day that recording all these little things will mean as much to my boys.


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