Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jubal's Fourth Birthday

Jubal's birthday celebration began on Friday at school.  I bought a small cake for him to share with his friends, and his teacher, Mrs. Diane, let all the kids sing him Happy Birthday.  She sent me some pictures of him while they were singing and of him enjoying his cake.

On Saturday, his actual birthday, my sister, Alannah, and my sister's friend and her two children came from Warner Robins to celebrate Jubal's big day with him. They didn't get to be here for Gentry's birthday, but we kind of celebrated Gentry turning two Saturday, too. He got presents and enjoyed the day as well.

I had to work Saturday, but Gena (my sister) wasn't supposed to be here until around 5:00 anyway, so it all worked out.  We grilled hot dogs & ribs, had chips, cake, and ice cream.  The kids had a silly string fight, and swam & played until well after dark.  I think it was around 9:30 when I had to call it a night.  I was pooped.  The kids, however, could have gone on forever, I think. :)

Here's a few (a lot) of pictures from Jubal's birthday party.  It wasn't anything big, just family, but he had a great time and that's what matters to me.


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