Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mrs. Diane

I'm a little emotional this week. It's Jubal's last week full-time at GCA.  He's been at GCA with a lot of wonderful women who have cared for him over the years since he was just shy of eight months old.

He will start at GES Friday, and as excited as I am for his little self, I'm very anxious as well.

I have very high expectations.  Not just of Jubal, but of his teachers, too.  I want him to have teachers that genuinely care about him and his education.  A teacher that wants to help him achieve big goals.  I, as a parent, intend on doing everything I can at home to make sure Jubal does his part, and I just pray his teacher does everything she can when he's with her.

Just like his teacher now.

Mrs. Diane has been the most awesome K-3 teacher!  She has taken Jubal under her wing and helped us help him grow into such a smart, funny, caring, confident, lovable little boy.  He is no longer "a baby", he is a "big boy" now, especially according to him.  She helped him feel that way about himself.  She has in every sense been his "second mother".  She's loved him as if she were, too.

I can't express how much I'm going to miss knowing my baby is with her every day.  I know he is safe, I know he is learning so much, but most of all...I know he is loved.

We all love you, Mrs. Diane, and couldn't be more thankful for everything you have done for Jubal while he's been in your class.  Thank you again for being such a positive influence in his young life.

Next up...Gentry! :)



  1. Awwww! Thank you Shae. You guys are my family and I love all four of you. I am really gonna miss Jubal being in my class all day, but at least I will see him in the afternoon. He is an amazing "big" boy, ready for big school. Yes I am ready for Gentry. I love reading this journal.

  2. You are very welcome! You will never know how much I appreciate the time you gave to Jubal and everything you did to help him grow into the little boy he is now. You're the best!


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