Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Random Days Of Our Lives

We don't have a lot of time during the week with our boys, except in the evenings, due to us both working, so we try to make it count. I hate the summer heat, but love that the days are longer during the summer so that we can get outside with them and play after work. My boys love it outside. They don't even care that they're drenched in sweat. I, on the other hand, hate to sweat, hate the gnats, and despise the mosquitoes. We make the most of it, though. :)

On the weekends, you can usually find us doing something outside, too.  It usually includes water of some kind, though.  We just try to keep the boys active as much as possible.  I don't want them sitting in the house watching TV all of the time.  I want them exploring different things, broadening their minds.

Here are some pictures of randomness from a few of the days of our lives.

When all else fails, hook the wagon up to the good ol' lawn mower and take them for a spin.  Jubal & Gentry love it.  It gives them at least a good 15 minutes of fun anyway. ;)

When it's rainy or just too doggone hot outside, we build things.  Jubal and Gentry love to build with their Legos.  They even help me pick them up sometimes, too.  Ha!

Tuesday evenings are "Family Night" at McDonalds.  We try to go as often as possible.  They always have fun activities for the boys to do.

I usually get some kind of pictures from Larson on Saturday when I'm working, showing me what they are up to.  He takes them to the park, or swimming, and sometimes to Uncle Adam's.  Thankfully, Uncle Adam has shade trees.

Sometimes, it's so hot even Larson gets in the kiddie pool with them and sends me a selfie of it.

Nonetheless, our boys keep us on our toes, and we're more active than we would be without them.  You know?  Since we're old and all.  Haha!  Seriously, though, I wouldn't give up any of our randomness for anything else.  I love this life, and the people in it.  God has been so good to me.


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