Friday, July 11, 2014

Vacation 2014: Part II

On our second day at Jekyll, we got up early, ate breakfast, and made our way to the beach early before it filled up since it was the Fourth of July. We got there around 9:45, and there were already a good bit of people posted up. We found us a little spot, pitched an umbrella, set up Jubal & Gentry's little chairs, and headed for the water because it was already hot.

Gentry was so funny!  He did not like the water.  The waves scared him and each time they got close, he would run away or either beg me or his daddy to hold him.  I finally sat my chair in the water so he could sit in my lap and let the water splash on us a little.  Jubal enjoyed splashing in the waves.

There was a family there building a big sand castle, so that really got Jubal's attention.  He had been wanting to do that forever.  We went back up to our little spot and Jubal asked if he could go help.  The people said sure, so off he went.  Gentry was content with his little shovel & bucket, and he stayed right under my feet, playing in the sand.

I didn't take very many pictures while we were on the beach, but we had a good time.  Jubal & Larson threw the frisbee some, and Gentry liked chasing it, too.  We left around lunch because it was getting crowded and Jubal's temp was coming back.

We got back to our room, took showers, ate a sandwich, and took a nap.  When we all woke up, we put our swim suits back on and went down to the pool for a few hours.  Then it was time to get ready to go eat some supper and head back to the beach for the fireworks.

We grabbed a quick bite at KFC and went back to the island.  Talk about traffic.  Golly!  My boys do not do well sitting still in their car seats and we couldn't let them out even though we were only going maybe five miles an hour, when we were even moving, since GSP were everywhere.  Where we finally ended up sitting, we were able to see three different firework shows.  The one on Jekyll, the one on St. Simons, and the one in downtown Brunswick.  I didn't get any pictures, but it was exciting for my babies.  They had a good time.  It took us almost TWO hours to get off the island when we were leaving.  My boys fell asleep before we could get midnight!

Larson & I were tired, too, so we tucked the boys in and went right to sleep ourselves, thinking we were going back to the beach the next morning.  Jubal had other plans, though.  When we got up, he didn't even want to eat breakfast, he was ready to go to his "white house".  We did have breakfast before leaving, but we were on our way back to Tattnall County before 9:30.  We had a wonderful trip home, and just seeing my babies faces light up when we were finally home was priceless.

We've decided to stay closer to home on our vacations until the boys are a little older, but we're already looking forward to next year. :) 


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