Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gentry's First Bath

We gave Gentry his first tub bath on June 24. Yes, I know he was born on the June 8, but we only gave him sponge baths until his umbilical cord fell off & his circumcision healed.


He wasn't as impressed with water as Jubal was his first time, but he still seemed to enjoy it anyway.  He didn't cry or even get fussy until right before we took him out to dry him off.  Since his first bath, he has begun to enjoy it more & more, though.

Once again, bath time is "Daddy time".  Larson has always bathed Jubal & will now be bathing Gentry, too.  I've given Jubal a few of his baths during his 2 years, but really, Larson loves a bath and he has always just put Jubal in with him.  Now, he puts Gentry in first and bathes him, then I bring him Jubal and he bathes him, then he bathes himself.  It gives me a chance to wash bottles, put a load of clothes on to wash, pick up toys, or finish up the supper dishes while they're all getting cleaned up.  I always stop whatever I'm doing to get the boys out of the bath and get them ready for bed, though.  That's "Mommy time".  It's a routine that works for us. :)

A comparison for my heart's sake. :)
Wow! My boys favor more than I thought they did.


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