Friday, July 27, 2012

Moo Cows

We will occasionally load the boys up and just go for a ride out on some old country dirt road.  It's something that we like doing very much, actually.  Luckily, living in a small, rural town in Georgia, it isn't hard to find a good ol' backroad somewhere. 

More times than not, you're going to pass a few chicken houses and/or fields full of cattle.   When we see cows, we stop.  Jubal loves the "Moos".  I just wanted to share these two short videos of Jubal "mooing" like a cow. He's so cute!

*Just a note:  We're on a dirt road close to our home & I'm only going maybe 5 mph which is why Jubal is out of his car seat.  No one was endangered in the making of these videos. HA!


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