Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jubal's Two Year Stats

Jubal went for his 2 year checkup on July 16. He wasn't supposed to have any shots on this visit and I told him the entire way to the doctors office that he didn't have to get a shot. Well, they had left off a Hepatitis A shot back at his 18 month visit which meant he did have to get a shot.  Bless his sweet heart.  He hates shots.  He hates being held down for shots even more.  To make matters worse, then they sent us over to the hospital outpatient center for them to draw blood to check his hemoglobin & iron.  Poor fella couldn't win for losing.

He's still on the small side.  He only weighs 25.8 lbs. (23rd  percentile) and is only 33 inches tall (25th percentile).  His head circumference is 18 3/4.  He's taken after his daddy since he was born so why stop now? Ha!  He's good and healthy, though.  Growing and meeting every milestone accordingly.

Some of the things I want to remember: 
  • I love how if we're still asleep when he wakes up, he will lay his little hands on your cheeks so softly and say "Wake".  So sweet!
  • I love to hear him say "Help me!" when he's afraid of something.  It sounds like he's saying "Hurry Hurry Hurry!"
  • I love how he absolutely adores his little brother.  He will hold Gentry in his lap with his arms around him so tight, patting him on the back, rocking him,  saying "Shhh.  It's okay.  Shhh."  Melts my heart.
  • I love the sound of his laughter.  Thankfully it is abundant. :)
  • I love how when we're riding in the car and he sees a big truck, he'll holler "dump truck!"  His daddy or I always try to get them to toot their horn.  If we can't get them to, I'll honk our horn and Jubal will always look so surprised and have the biggest grin on his face.
  • He loves to write.  I save little scrap papers that he writes on because I'm sentimental that way. :)
  • I love how he'll walk up and say "Hey! What you doing?" He's so stinkin' sweet when he wants to be. ;)

These last four pictures are all pictures Jubal's teacher sent me to assure me he was okay while I was in the hospital with Gentry.  It always made me feel so much better to know he was still smiling.

I'm sure there's so much more that I wish I could capture in bottle and keep forever.  Jubal is growing up so fast and he amazes me everyday with something new that he has learned how to say or do.  My heart literally hurts thinking about how he won't be little like this forever.  I want to remember everything and I know I will even if it's one day when I haven't thought about something in a very long time, yet it will all come flooding back to my mind and I will more than likely cry because my firstborn baby boy has grown into a fine young man and I will miss his little toddler self.  Oh how I wish I could just keep him little like this forever & ever.  These are truly the best days of my life even if they are sometimes trying & stressful.  I wouldn't change anything for the world.

It's so funny how he props his little foot up when he's just chillin'.

He has no interest in his highchair.  He eats at the table like a big boy now.

Pimping Granny's reading glasses.

Pimping Daddy's skully & flip flops.

And again. :)

Here's a few more recent pictures that I want to put here on my blog for my memory's sake.

My "Kool Kid"

Yep...we have to put him on a leash! Ha!

He wouldn't sit in Ronald's lap. ;)

And last, but not least...

Will my boy be a lefty...


...a righty???

Right now, he's prominently a lefty.  We'll have to stay tuned to find out. :)


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