Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweet Gentry

I wondered for so long how I was ever going to love another little one as much as I love Jubal.  My mama & all other mothers I spoke to all said the same thing...you just do.

My little chunky butt!

Now I look at this sweet, sweet brand new little one of mine and my heart gets so overwhelmed with love for him that I just can't help but cry.  Happy tears, of course.

He was born with this mark on his foot.  It's still there and hasn't seemed to fade at all.

Look at those precious little feet.

Both of my boys were born with hair, but Gentry's is much thicker.

He's so good.  Everyone kept scaring me, telling me that because Jubal was so good that surely Gentry was going to be my "bad" baby.  Gentry is just as sweet & good as Jubal ever was.  The Lord has certainly blessed me with two of the best babies.  Maybe He blessed me in such a way because I had to wait so long for them. ;)

Sweet little hands.  He sleeps with them folded like this all the time.

Chubby fingers. :)

Right now Gentry is 7 weeks 3 days old and already weighs over 12 lbs.  He has already grown 2 1/2 inches as well, measuring in at 23 inches tall.  He's growing big & strong.  These stats are from July 20 when I had to take him to the ER on a Friday evening because when I picked him up from daycare his little eyes were matting shut.  The ER doctor gave us some ointment for his eyes and told me to just keep his nose and throat aspirated.  My poor littlest one has my terrible allergies, too, just like his big brother.  Everything cleared up by Monday, though, thankfully.

We caught him sucking his thumb.

So cute! I had to make him stop, though because we don't want to let it become a habit.

Jubal never liked to be swaddled, but Gentry loves it.

Gentry can look at me sometimes with the most amazing love.  He is so innocent & pure.  I'm so undeserving of such wonderful babies, I tell ya.  I'm so thankful to be Gentry & Jubal's mama.  It's so surreal.  Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to prove I'm not really dreaming.  This is the most outstanding thing I've ever done in my life...being their mama.  Gentry Slade completes our little family.  I think our life is perfect, even when it isn't. :)   



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