Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jubal's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Jubal's birthday at home on July 15. I sent cupcakes to school with him on Thursday, his actual birthday, and all of his teachers and little friends made his day special, but we had some family & friends over on Sunday to celebrate as well.

We decided on a sports themed cake this year because Jubal is all about "bogs".  He loves to play any kind of ball, too. It's so funny to watch him hold a bat and swing at his little baseball.  He's an excellent thrower and has become a pro at catching, too.  After his first year celebration last year, we kept this year's celebration more laid back.  I didn't have the energy after just having Gentry to "do it big".  My wonderful niece, Lacy made Jubal's cake for me again this year.  She does such an awesome job. :)

We set up two little kiddie pools, a slip n slide, and some sprinklers for the little ones.  They had a ball! His little friends that came were Olivia, Addie, Kenneth, and Jacob.  His cousin, Alannah was with us, too.  They all had such a good time.

We had all of Jubal's toys outside for them to ride on.  Jubal's ride of choice was his 4-wheeler.  He enjoyed giving everyone a ride, but refused to let them drive it.  The other babies didn't quite know how to make it go or steer it anyway. ;)

It ended up being a great day and all the babies wore themselves out playing in the water and riding all the toys.  I'm sure all of the mommies and daddies were glad to get home and get their baby cleaned up and in the bed.  I bet all the babies slept good that night, too.


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