Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Army Crawl

I had a couple of videos I wanted to share.

Jubal gets where he wants to go now-a-days. It's so cute watching him crawl around. He hasn't picked his tummy up yet, but he still makes his way.

This second one was too cute not to share. Jubal has started shaking his head no and when Larson does it, he thinks it's hilarious.

I think each time he does something new that I couldn't be prouder. However, this precious little boy AMAZES me more & more every day.
I'm so blessed that God chose me to be his mommy!!!!!!!


  1. Jubal, what a cute and unique name, how do you pronounce it?

  2. Shae he is so stinking cute!! His laugh is INCREDIBLE!! It's funny he didn't even really want the toy phone, but the string to it. It is funny what amazes them when it comes to toys!

  3. Thank all of you for your sweet comments!
    Eva-we pronounce it JewBull ;)
    Chrisie-I can't wait for you to meet him in person. Maybe we can get together at the river or something this summer.

  4. Rueben just loved watching these videos over & over again.. he would giggle right along with Jubal!


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