Thursday, March 31, 2011

Late Post

This past Sunday we attended a luncheon in honor of Jubal's great-grandparents, J.E. & Vina Lee Stanfield. They were celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary. It was a fun day. We got to see some family we haven't gotten to see in a while. We enjoyed good food & conversation, as well.

Mr. J.E. & Mrs. Vina Lee are Larson's paternal grandparents. Other than Larson's maternal grandmother, they are Jubal's only living great grandparents, since both sets of my grandparents have passed.

We are so proud to have gotten these pictures with the great-grands. I always want Jubal to know the wonderful people that were here before him since, of course, it is their blood running through his little veins.

Four generations of Stanfields.
Mr. J.E., Mr. Larry Dean, Larson, & Jubal

Jubal with his great-grands, his papa, & his daddy

All of us together
(I love how Jubal & his papa are looking at each other)

Also, the same afternoon, we got home and it started raining. Larson & I are both "dance in the rain" kinda people, so since it wasn't cold & the rain wasn't pouring down, we decided to let our little guy enjoy raindrops on his face.

Can you tell how much he liked it?

We talked him into sticking his tongue out & "tasting" the rain.

My little raindrop


I hope he always enjoys playing in the rain. :)



  1. Love your Blog sister and I Love You, Larson, & Jubal :)

  2. We love you & Alannah, too! :)


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