Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 8 month old...where is the time going???

Jubal Talon, you are now 8 months old. What can I do to slow time down? So many milestones this month.
  • Your two bottom teeth finally came through. 
  • You're crawling.
  • You sit all by yourself.
  • You are learning to feed yourself.
  • You have started shaking your head "No". 
  • You even started going to daycare twice a week. 

You are growing up too fast for Mommy. I love you so much and wish I could keep you this little forever. You are such a wonderful child. God truly blessed us with you. You're healthy, happy, & handsome. What more could me or Daddy ask for?

Two weeks old

We love you, Jubal! You will forever be my baby, no matter how old you are.

Love, Mommy

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