Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend at Shellman's

We made it!

We had a wonderful weekend! We went down to Shellman's Friday evening and had some delicious food at The Buccaneer Club. It was already getting late by the time we left there, so we went ahead and headed to our friend's coast house to get our bags unloaded and get a little rest before all the festivities that were going to begin early Saturday morning.

This was Jubal's first overnight stay away from home. I wasn't sure how he would do, but I should have known he would do fine. We got up early to start getting ready for the parade. The festival actually began at 9am & if you wanted a good spot for the parade, you needed to get on down there.

It was already so warm when we got set up around 8:45. We walked down the road a little to look at the antique car show. I kept telling Larson that I could picture him picking me up back in the day in this or that car. Ha! I told him I could picture him picking me up in it and taking me to some "lookout" and trying to "make out" with me.

This old Impala is my favorite.

This is the car we ended up agreeing Larson would have probably driven back in the day.

Love this one, too.

Who doesn't like the whitewall tires & the drop top?

We made our way back to our spot for the parade. It was getting pretty hot sitting there in the sun. The time had gotten to about 11:30 and we still had to wait until 1 for the parade to start. Jubal was getting tired, so we shaded him and he crashed.

He didn't sleep long, due to the heat. We had to keep getting in the car with the A/C on up until the parade started, and ended up leaving before the parade was over. It was just too hot for Jubal, even under the big umbrella.

Here's some pics while we waited, though.

After leaving the parade, we went back to the house to hang out, cool off, & relax! Some other friends came and joined us for the night, as well. We all decided to go to Pelican's Point for dinner. Let me just tell you...this is my favorite place to go & eat seafood. It's pricey, but it's worth it!

We always take some pictures outside on the dock after dinner. I had some pictures from last Memorial Day weekend when we were there & Jubal was still in my tummy. I also got one of Larson doing the "Captain stance" from last year, too.

This time, our baby boy was here with us. I love these pics!

I had to include these because I love the expressions on Jubal's face.

We were ALL cheesin' in this one!

This one is a little blurry, but I like it.

You can see that it's dusk when the flash isn't on, but for some reason my camera takes awful pics without it.

This looks like the sun setting, but it's the MOON rising. It was beautiful!!!

We got back to the house and everyone enjoyed just hanging out, having a few mixed drinks, daiquiris, & jello shooters. I'm not a drinker, but I did enjoy trying a little bit of everything. Connie & I both agree that the jello shooters were like drinking moonshine. They were strong! I did like the grape ones, though. They weren't as strong as the rest (or maybe the first two already had me thinking they weren't that strong!!). Really, though, we just enjoyed each others company & lots of laughter...without anyone getting drunk! :)

Our friends that we stayed with, Gene & Connie, have a nineteen year old that helped me with Jubal over the weekend. Brittany loves Jubal. She also works at the daycare Jubal attends. Anyway...after we got Jubal down for the night, she sat with him so we could go experience some of the night life that was going on down at The Boat Shed.

Larson & I enjoyed getting out and being with other grown-ups, but it didn't take us long to get to missing our little one. After about 45 minutes, we went back to check in on them and since they were both sleeping soundly, we went back and ended up staying another 1 1/2 hours. We got to dance together & mingle with people we haven't gotten to see in a while. It was fun.

We got in around 1:30am and all the guys found their beds quickly. The girls stayed up and chatted for a few before going to bed. I think we ended up getting to bed about 3am. Jubal woke up at 6:15 like clockwork. I wasn't even really that tired. He eventually fell back asleep about 7:30 and we dozed until 8:30 or so before everyone started stirring around.

Sunday morning in our party hat.

We got our things packed up and got the house back in order before heading out right before lunch. Gene & Connie said we had to eat lunch with them at a little place called Altman's. They have a little buffet and you could certainly tell it was a place that people loved to go eat at after church. Good, country-style buffet.

After lunch, we headed back home. I thoroughly enjoyed myself away from home, but I was so happy to be home. There really is no place like home. I got our bags unpacked & started a load of clothes before Larson, Jubal & I all took a nap. Jubal & I ended up sleeping until almost 6pm! I didn't realize how tired we were.

It was a FUN, fantastic weekend full of camaraderie. It felt good to relax for an entire weekend, since I usually have to work on Saturdays. Gene & Connie said we were welcomed to go anytime, so it may not be too long before we take them up on that. We LOVE spending time at the coast & at the different beaches we're close to. Anywhere near the water is good for us! 

I looked forward to this past weekend for awhile, and it couldn't have turned out more like I had imagined. It was wonderful!!!


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