Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Chair

Jubal is growing so quickly. He has always loved his bouncy chair that my SIL got him, but when we put him in it now (even with him fastened down), he twists & turns in ways that we are afraid will hurt him as he tries desperately to get out of it since he loves being in the floor playing more now.

So...we have been on the lookout for a little chair for him. I had to run into the local dollar store for some washing liquid the other day and they had a cute little beach chair that looked perfect. It sits very low to the ground so we don't have to worry he will hurt himself when he wants out of it & decides to do it alone. Also, it sits in a slightly reclined position, so he's not sitting straight up but more in a lounging position.

I'm happy with it. It's versatile so we can load it up & take it with us to the beach, river, etc. While we have it at home for him, though, I keep it covered with one of his little blankets because it is made of hard plastic and I don't want him to have to sit on that while he's relaxing. Ha! I just want it to be a little more soft & cushy for him.

What matters most, though, is that he loves it. He can get out of it all by himself, whenever he wants to and we don't have to worry about constantly watching him.


It's just a little cheap chair, but it will serve it's purpose for my little man to have a chair all his own. It makes him happy, which makes me a very happy mommy!


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