Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rattlesnake Roundup Weekend

Goodness, it was a busy weekend. We had alot going on...

Friday evening we attended the Miss Rattlesnake Roundup pageant that my beautiful niece, Lyndsay, was a contestant in. She was outstanding! I could kick myself for not recording her when she came out to introduce herself! She did so good, too. I did get a little video when all of the girls came back out for the final lineup.

This particular pageant doesn't let you know who the queen is until the following day at the festival. The suspense nearly devastated me! She won the "Princess" title. They don't have runners up, only Queen & Princess. I'm a very proud Aunt!

Isn't she stunning?!

Backstage after the pageant

At the crowning ceremony

Lyndsay & Alannah

Saturday, before the festival, we got ready to ride in the Roundup parade. The company I work for, Planet Cycle, always has an entry in the annual event. This was Mr. Jubal's debut.

Waiting patiently...

...and not so patiently.

Didn't mean to cut the main boy out. :)

All the girls wanted him to ride with them! Ha! He ended up with us, of course. :)

When the parade was over, we went back to Planet Cycle for awhile & had some lunch, then went out to the festival. Jubal got to meet Ronald McDonald.

I couldn't get him to take his eyes off of Ronald McDonald to look at the camera.

It was a gorgeous day & I thoroughly enjoyed spending it at the festival with my family.

Sunday, we went grocery shopping. Such a fun chore. Larson loves to walk up & down every isle. He loves to try new things. We like to shop at Walmart, but the nearest one is 30 minutes away. We go to different ones, just to spice things up. Ha! This time we went to one a little further away, which meant we were gone for a good part of the day.
As soon as we walked in, it was time to wash some clothes & get everything ready for another week.
No rest for the weary.

Monday, which is also my day off, we had to take my mama to one of her doctor's appointments. Thank goodness Larson took the day off as well or I don't think I could have handled everything. We got home late in the afternoon after being up & running since 6am and out & about since 8am. VERY exhausting morning.
We finally got to sit still & relax for a few out in our backyard. We all, including Jubal, enjoy being outside very much. You can usually find us sitting out on the back deck.
Larson decided to mow my mama's & our grass. Jubal was intrigued, so Larson let him ride with him for awhile.

Can you tell how much this little guy LOVED riding the lawnmower with his daddy? I wish you could have heard him. He was too cute. I got a little video, too. You still can't hear him, though. Ha!

We are enjoying this busy season.
I can't wait for this coming weekend because we're going to stay at the coast & celebrate St. Patrick's Day "Shellman style".


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